About Us

Ceud Mile Fáilte  (“A hundred thousand welcomes”)

The Clan Donnachaidh Society of the Rocky Mountains (pronounced Donna-Key) was established in 1986 by Bob and Marilu Baskin, and our past president, Curtis Roberts. Locally known as Clan Donnachaidh, was started to assist those individuals and families seeking to connect with their Scottish ancestry and gather locally to celebrate this “kinship” and to preserve our rich heritage. The branch is located in Colorado but has members throughout Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming, even reaching to Indiana and Maryland. Members of the Society participate as elected officers, council members, volunteers at local festivals and games and attend a variety of branch related events throughout the year. The council organizes a variety of events picnics, dinners and other social gatherings for the benefit of it’s members. It also represents our clan at the different Highland Games that are held around the state each year.

We encourage anyone to participate in the celebration of our Scottish heritage.  We find the more you get involved and participate in our events and committees, the more enjoyment and fun you will have.

Our branch is sanctioned by The International Society of Clan Donnachaidh founded in 1893 and then was revived in 1948. Lead by current Chief of the Clan, Alexander Gilbert Haldane Robertson of Struan, they maintain the traditions of uniting the Clans throughout the world. It manages the benevolent fund which helps relieve financial hardship among members, and the charitable funds; maintains the Clan’s DNA project; manages the trust which provides an endowment for the Clan Donnachaidh Museum which is located in Pitlochry, Perthshire, Scotland, UK. Members from all over the world gather at the museum each year for Annual General Meeting for business and social meetings.

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