Clan Committees

We are the Clan Donnachaidh Society of the Rocky Mountains.  We encourage anyone to participate in the celebration of our Scottish heritage.  We find the more you get involved and participate in our events and committees, the more enjoyment and fun you will have.

The Officers and Council of the SRM gathers together on the 1st Friday of January, March, May, July, September, November to organize and plan the variety of events it’s members participate in.  This includes our annual Robert Burns Dinner, Picnic/Ice Cream Social, Colorado Tartan Day, annual Yule/Holiday Party, the Annual General Meeting and presenting booths at the 3 major Colorado Festival/Games; Elizabeth Celtic Festival, Colorado Scottish Festival and Highland Games, and The Long’s Peak Scottish-Irish Festival and Highland Games. It publishes a newsletter for members throughout the year with up-coming events, articles written by members about the activities, a little history, personal events such as birthdays, anniversaries, fund raising activities, favorite recipes, sponsor different charity activities such as collecting goods for local food banks, support extra local events like memorial golf tournaments, etc. and shares information regarding the International Society of Clan Donnachaidh.  All members are welcomed to attend and join us for any of our meetings.

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2014-2015 Officers

President: Kathleen Cahoon

Vice President: Ed Roe

Secretary/International Liaison: Nancy Bigley

Treasurer/Webmaster: Dennis Smith

Council Members

Newsletter Editor–The branch is in need of a newsletter editor.  The description of this position is below.  If you are someone who would like to help please contact any officer at

Membership Lead–The branch is in need of a membership lead.  The description of this lead is below.  If you are interested in helping please contact any officer at

Promotion/Store Lead–The branch is in need of a promotional lead.  The description of this lead is below.  If you are interested in helping please contact any officer at

Games Coordinator–The branch is in need of a games coordinator lead.  The description of this lead is below.  If you are interested in helping please contact any officer at

David Robertson, Historian/Education Lead

Rich Matthews, John Shurtleff, Shelli Smith, Charlene Sullivan, Alice Woods

Past Presidents
Bob Baskins, Curtis Roberts, Bob Robertson, Mark Donnachaidh, Charlene Sullivan, Becky Robertson, Nancy Bigley.

 Committee Information

The council for the Society of the Rocky Mountains likes to divide the work load of participating and taking care of the various events, activities and business for the members.  There is variety of committees and members are encouraged to assist and support the committees according to your individual interests and availability.  Please feel free to contact the Lead for any committee for additional information and/or to assist.  If there is no current lead please contact any officer for information.


The Editor position is one that works to make the newsletter as informative and interesting to our branch members.   The Editor will need help in making our newsletter great by researching and creating articles, using pictures from events, and sharing information of importance to the membership such as Event Schedule, Clan history, what is happening in Scotland and other US branches.    It is an important part to keeping membership connected throughout the year.  Typically this has been a quarterly newsletter.


The officers and council believe it is important to keep all members connected with what the clan is doing, especially the new members. We are building the membership information data base that is local as well as supporting International. The members have requested and would like to have a data base that helps notify when dues are to be paid, membership contact information for both local and international.  They would like information especially members that live in their areas so when attending events and activities in the area they have familiar faces and names to connect with.  This Lead also helps with expanding our membership.  We want to keep our branch active and recognized as a friendly and welcoming Clan throughout Colorado.

Games Coordinator

The Games Coordinator has a central focus on organizing the transportation of the clan booth items to and from the games where the clan chooses to set up a booth. We also are looking for folks that want to set up the displays and organize the booth.  Lastly we are looking for volunteers to be at the booth for a one or typically two hour shift.  If you are planning to attend the any of the Festivals/Games, please contact me if you are interested in volunteering for the booth or if you can assist with set up or tear down.


This position is one of finding ways and taking responsibility for helping the officers and council to promote the branch.  This includes helping with written materials and finding ways to increase our fund raising efforts.   We have many possible ideas that have been past success such as selling items such as: glassware, bookmarks, magnets, and this year we have some fabulous shirts and sweatshirts that are available. This person would help gather membership input and ideas to increase promotional awareness.  All proceeds from our Promotions/Store go to supporting our participation at festivals, games, memorial fund, and international projects.  This position is also responsible for design, ordering, transporting the branch STORE and running our fund raising efforts.

 Historian/Educational Committee

David Robertson, Lead.  This committee is working on obtaining, maintaining and updating any and all information that might be of interest of recording the Society of the Rocky Mountains Clan history. If you have any information or interest in assisting please let us know.


Dennis Smith, Webmaster.  This committee is responsible for creating, obtaining, and maintaining the Society of the Rocky Mountain’s website.  Any questions, concerns, comments, suggestions, information always welcome.

International Liaison

Nancy Bigley, Liaison.  This role is one responsible to assist with the Clan Donnachaidh Society of the Rocky Mountain branch business by taking minutes of meeting and distributing summary to newsletter and members, is the primary contact and connection to the International Society.  It is responsible for updating information from the meetings, reporting and assisting our members with questions and concerns, and writing the annual report for International. Nancy is in contact regularly with the US International Vice Chairman and Scotland’s International Secretary and shares International news and reports that may be of interest to officers, council and branch membership.


Contact any committee lead through