Past Events

Congratulations to Clan Donnachaidh Society of Rocky Mountains member Jim Stark and the Team Bullseye for their win sailing at 2015 Etchells Rocky Mountain Championships.  This fabulous win earns them a place at Worlds in England.  They also won the 2015 Dillion Open!! Great sailing gents!! Scott SnyderKevin Holliday and Jim Stark.  Scott Snyder .Photo credits Daria Snyder

TeamBullseyeScotSnyderKevinHolidayJimStarkScott Jim Kevin

Colorado Irish Festival 2015

July had several of the Clan Donnachaidh members participating at the Colorado Irish Festival at Clement Park, Lakewood, CO.  Helping out with the Paddy O patio area were Susan Kroh, Mindy Bolen and Jim Stark.  Members also visited the vendors throughout the weekend and listened to  Pandora Celticia and The Elders who were among the musical groups entertaining the festival visitors.  The days were busy but fun.  Thank you to Susan Kroh, Newsletter Editor for providing pictures.

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Pike’s Peak Celtic Festival 2015

Memorial Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado was a great location to hold a festival.  The days were filled with Clan tents, variety of vendors, highland games athletes and wonderful music.  Clan Donnachaidh members spent time enjoying connecting with other clans, each other, and all the events.  Listening and dancing to Delilah’s Revenge, Big Paddy, Skean Dubh and Albannach and watching Celtic Caterer was a fun time.  Memorial Park is a large park so easy to get your steps in for the day and to walk off calories from fair food, beer, and a few “wee” drams of Scotch.  We would like for those members that live in the Colorado Springs area to join in by being our lead people to set up a presence for next year’s 2016 festival.  If you are interested please let council members know and we can work out the getting booth items to you and helping with questions.

PPCFopeningcloseScott ConnieLeslieSusan

Colorado Tartan Day 2015

This year’s Colorado Tartan Day was held at Roosevelt Park, Longmont, CO and was a two day event.  The morning started out crisp and cool but the northern sun warmed the day.  Clan tents were placed in a circle with the CTD Pub in the center and the music stage was busy all day thanks to Angus Mohr and Celtic Legacy.   Participating this year included the Irish Gaels and Fineans Hurling teams, Colorado Youth Pipe Band and Highland Dancers, the Ren Scots, Rocky Mountain Scottish Terrier Club, and of course Clan Donnachaidh.  Thanks to the volunteers we were busy sharing information, greeting visitors, visiting with Clans and enjoying their company.  This festival is one that celebrates the Clans and as the first festival of the season is about coming together for a fun day in a beautiful park and reconnecting with old and new friends.

Opening Parade CL Jenson Robinson Neil Gillette

Colorado Tartan Day Sweetheart Highland Tea 2015

Saturday, February 14, 2015 was a wonderful opportunity to extend and share a special afternoon celebrating Valentine’s Day with sweethearts, friends and family.  The members of Clan Donnachaidh joined other clans at the Colorado Tartan Day Highland Tea, at the St. Brigit’s Episcopal Church in Frederick, CO.  The red and white decorations were Sweetheart in theme and tables were set with wonderful tasty treats of scones, sandwiches, sweetheart candies, shortbread cookies, fresh fruit and delicious fondue and a few “wee drams”.

These goodies were served by the cheerful and kilt adorned Clansmen from Clan Campbell, Clan Mackay, and Clan Donnachaidh.  These kilted gentlemen kept busy waiting on attendees.  Our own Dennis Bolen must have flirted extra with his service because he received the most tips.  Music was provided for us by our members David and Shelly Arnold.  This included singing selections with Shelly beautifully playing the harp and David on guitar.  Chief Edwin Baumgartner, of Clan Campbell, delighted the room with a story telling; the Colorado Youth Pipe Band played and Scottish Dancers danced several selections as well.  The afternoon festivities ended with pictures being taken with kilted servers and a successful fund raiser drawing.  It was truly a wonderful afternoon for all and helps to support the upcoming Colorado Tartan Day in April, at Roosevelt Park, Longmont, Colorado.

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Robert Burns Dinner 2015

Wow what a Burns Night Clan Donnachaidh had this year!  This year’s celebration was a full house with Clan Donnachaidh and guests and members from Clans Blair, Campbell, Livingstone, MacKay, MacLean, Maxwell, and McIntosh.  Many were attending their first Burns Dinner and we were honored they selected ours.  As is tradition, we piped in the haggis, shared the Address to the Haggis and Selkirk Grace, and toasted with Scotch throughout the evening.  A Tribute to Robert Burns included a little history of how Burns night came to be and shared information about his song collection as well as background about the “Robert Burns The Musical” premiering at The Tivoli Theatre in Aberdeen, UK January 25th, 2015.

Entertainment this year included Jane & George Potts ballroom dancers dancing the American Smooth waltz to “Jean” and the Swing to “Reel”.  And a real treat was having our “award winning” Colorado Youth Pipe Band.  These talented young people filled the air with wonderful pipe and drums sharing song selections including:   Green Hills, Barren Rocks, Bonnie Dundee, Scotland the Brave, and Amazing Grace.  The CYPB dancer delighted us with several traditional dances including: Lilt, Wilt Thou Go to the Barracks, Johnny, Sword Dance, and Highland Fling.  It was their first time performing at a Burns Night and they did a fantastic job.  Clan Donnachaidh’s own Alex Sandridge is a member of this group and we are very proud of his accomplishments.

Also part of the Rocky Mountain Branch’s tradition is the “Kilt swing line”.  Our kilt wearing gents indulged and delighted the lassies with a little fun by showing their “swing and shake it” techniques.  The evening ended with everyone joining in a circle and singing Auld Lang Syne.

A great way to start 2015!


Clan Donnachaidh Wins the Long’s Peak Scottish Irish Festival 2014 Field Award!!!

2014 Long’s Peak Scottish Irish Games and Festival

Members and friends attended this year’s Festival from Colorado, Georgia, Texas, Nebraska and Wyoming.  It was great to see everyone.  Our booth was in a different area but everyone found us.  We were busy all weekend celebrating our ancestry.  The parade was one of the largest which was great for Estes Park.  It was also great to see that Estes Park is recovering from flood and is ready to start the 100 year celebration of Rocky Mountain National Park.  A special thanks to the Roe’s granddaughters that volunteered and did a great job of carrying our banner this year.Special thanks to Alannah and McKennah, Sharon, Rebecca, Jack and Princess for carrying our banner this year and leading our Clan in the parade.

Roe GirlsParade2014

Especially exciting this year Clan Donnachaidh won the Long’s Peak Scottish Irish Festival 2014 Field Award!  What’s that?  The Field Award is described as going to the Clan that not only has an attractive display of their Clan information, banners, etc. but is welcoming, friendly and helpful to those attending the festival.  Our volunteers helped with stamping passports for the young ones, answering questions and sharing information not only about Clan Donnachaidh but also help explain tartans, crests, what septs are and helpful attendee’s find their Clan even if not ours.  It’s always fun when all the members help celebrate the fun we have together.  We also have many new members so please at our upcoming events like the Annual General Meeting on October 11th introduce yourself and welcome them and join in the fun!


2014 Clan Donnachaidh Brew Pairing Fund Raiser

On Saturday, August 23, Dennis Smith presented five different beers, cheeses, and sausages for attendees to taste.  The tastes ranges were from light to dark, mild to sharp, and basic to spicy with one American standard.  The beers presented were New Planet Blonde Ale, Sierra Nevada Killerweis, Stone Street Pale Ale, Steel Toe Milk Stout and Coors; cheeses were Brie, Smokey Aged Gouda, Gruyére, Munster, Cheese Wiz; sausages were German brats, Bockwurtz, summer sausage, Andouille, Spam.  It was fun afternoon just warm enough for a tasting.  We all had our favorite tastes, combinations and shared a variety of ideas for people to try at home for party platters.  All attendees are looking forward to another tasting.  Our fund raiser profits go to games fees, food for events, and to help with Robert Burns room rental and entertainment costs.

2014 Colorado Scottish Festival

Once again Nessie lives at this festival.  There were lots of fun events and participation on August 9 & 10th.  The pipes and drums filled the air in Highlands Ranch, athletic field was full, the British Car club shined and Clan Row was very busy both days of the festival.  Clans shared booth ideas, Scotch, and vacation stories.  Always fun to see old friends and make new ones too.  For those Outlander book and now TV series fans which premiered later in the evening Pocket Jamie was in attendance too.

2014 Elizabeth Celtic Festival

Held on July 19 & 20.  Although we were not able to have a booth this year several Clan members were able to attend the festival during the weekend.  There were new bands to listen to and several athletic events to watch and cheer along.  

2014 Annual Clan Donnachaidh Picnic and Ice Cream Social

On June 1st, a small group of members gathered together at the home of the Arnold’s and shared fried chicken, tasty salads, and great homemade ice cream.  We had good conversation and welcomed our newest and youngest Clan Donnachaidh member Peyton Robertson. Peyton was born to Sean and Angela Robertson, on April 19, 2014, first grandchild to Becky Robertson.  It was a joyful afternoon.

Colorado Tartan Day Sweetheart Highland Tea

Saturday, February 15, 2104 was a wonderful opportunity to extend and share a special afternoon celebrating Valentine’s Day with sweethearts, friends and family.  The members of Clan Donnachaidh joined other clans at the Colorado Tartan Day Highland Tea, at the St. Brigit’s Episcopal Church in Frederick, CO.  The tables were set with wonderful tea plates, cups, saucers and tea pots.  Decorations were all things Scottish such as a variety of clan tartans, books, dolls, daggers, sigh duh, swords, lanterns, and wooden boxes.  The afternoon was filled with a variety of tea, scones, sandwiches, sweetheart candies, shortbread cookies, fresh fruit and delicious fondue and a few “wee drams”.

These goodies were served by the cheerful and kilt adorned Clansmen from Clan Campbell, Clan Scott, Clan Hay, Clan Armstrong, and Clan Donnachaidh.  These kilted gentlemen filled plates, teapots, and served the attendees who in turn thanked them by placing tips of $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills in the tops of their boot and/or socks.  Our own Dennis Bolen must have flirted extra with his service because he received the most tips.  But Ed Roe reportedly auctioned his trays of cookies to the highest bidders as well.  Dennis Smith had a few of those bills showing out the top of his socks as well.  Way to represent gentlemen.

Music was provided for us by our members David and Shelley Arnold.  This included singing selections with Shelley beautifully playing the harp and David on guitar.  Chief Edwin Baumgartner, of Clan Campbell, delighted the room with a story telling; the Colorado Youth Pipe Band played and Scottish Dancers danced several selections as well.  The afternoon festivities ended with pictures being taken with kilted servers and a successful fund raiser drawing.  It was truly a wonderful afternoon for all and helps to support the upcoming Colorado Tartan Day on Saturday, April 5, at Roosevelt Park, Longmont, Colorado.








2014 Robert Burns Dinner

January 25th, Clan Donnachaidh hosted its Annual Robert Burns Dinner Celebration.  The gathering included 62 members and guests that dined on haggis and a full buffet.  The officers, council were piped in behind the chef carrying the Haggis.  Traditional toasts included addressing the haggis, Selkirk grace,  the Office of the President, to Our Armed Forces, Those We Have Lost, To the Queen and the Monarchy, Toast to the Lassies and Toast to the Laddies.  This year’s Tribute was about the Lassies in Robert Burns’ short life.  It was a look at those lassies that were his bride, his friends and literary patrons.  Following the tribute a dance including a Kilt Swing Line and fund raiser drawing occurred.  After the official dinner members and guests continued the fun in the hospitality suite by sharing snacks, drink and good conversation.  A fun evening was had by all.












Yule Party 2013

It was a small gathering on a very cold night in Colorado for the Annual Yule Party.  Once again the Bolen’s welcomed members to a brightly decorated and cheerful home.  Attendees shared a variety of tasty dishes, BBQ pulled pork and delicious desserts.  The evening included holiday music, drawing items and fun conversations. Members also brought items for our annual donation to a local food bank.   Thanks to all that braved the cold to share in a quiet and delightful evening.

Long Peak Scottish Irish Festival and Games 2013

First our thought and hearts go out to those individuals, cities, towns, businesses impacted by the recent floods.  Our members in these areas are safe.

On Friday, thanks to members our booth was set up and ready for the weekend.  A few visitors stopped by and were given information that was available. Saturday had us gathering at the top of Main Street as usual.  This year we had members marching from Colorado, Indiana, Georgia, Nebraska, Texas and Virginia.  Thanks to Ed and Sharon Roe’s grandsons, Riley and Spencer Brown for carrying our banner this year.  We had a very busy day at the booth greeting visitors signing up new members, reconnecting with former members and sharing Scotch and shortbread.

Sunday, once again had us busy at the booth answering questions, handing out information and adding new members and renewing memberships.  The rain came early so we starting packing up and getting things ready to head back to Denver.

All in all it was a great weekend and successful festival.  Thank you to all the volunteers, members and guests that assisted and participated.  Estes Park continues to be a fun time and is a beautiful location.  We have no doubt that next year will again be well attended and successful.







2013 Colorado Scottish Festival, Highlands Ranch, CO

This year’s Colorado Scottish Festival in Highlands Ranch was once again successful.  Although the Clan Row was set up differently our members and visitors were able to find us.  The weekend was filled with bands, athletes and a variety of vendors.   The British cars were a success as were the British Isle dogs being celebrated.  Saturday’s Angus Mohr concert was attended and fans of all ages enjoyed the cooler evening after really warm days.

This year was also the first year the festival allowed participants to bring their own pets to attend the festival.  Our Miss Lily Smith (Shelli and Dennis Smith’s adorable Griffon) had a fun and fabulous day checking out the different activities and was a hit at our booth.  She displayed the Colorado Tartan for all to see.







2013 Colorado Renaissance Festival Opening Weekend

On Saturday, June 15, 10 members attended the Colorado Renaissance Festival Opening day.  We gathered at the main gate, took some pictures and made a possible plan for the day.  The gates opened and we went to say hello and hear Celtic Legacy’s first performance of the day.  It was a busy day of shopping for a variety of items such as belts, mugs, jewelry and tasty food and drink.  We watched the Washing Well Wenches, Jousting competition, heard the Singing Nuns as well as many other fun performances.  It was a day filled with fun, merriment and sharing with good friends.

2013 Annual Picnic and Ice Cream Social

This year’s Social was held on Sunday, June 2 in Fredrick, Colorado at the home of David and Shelli Arnold.   Potluck had a variety of selections to fill our plates.  Homemade Ice Cream was the star of this gathering with Beer Sorbet, Guinness Chocolate Chip ice cream, cherry chunk, and frozen watermelon and a few other selections.  We had approximately 25 members and guest attending.  It was good to familiar faces and meet new people and members.  A general meeting was also held with a decision to send a donation to the Colorado Youth Pipe Band to assist with purchase of new uniforms for their performance in Scotland in July.  Thanks to all for participating and we hope to see everyone at the games and extra events.

2013 First Annual Scottish Dish Potluck

On Sunday, March 3, about 22 of the members and guests of the Clan Donnachaidh Society of the Rocky Mountains gathered together to share a variety of tasty treats.  Everyone brought traditional Scottish food and drink for everyone to try.  There was a selection of dishes including steak pie, chicken stews, cauliflower casserole, Scotch eggs, smoked salmon,  fin ‘n haddie casserole, scones, lemon curd, and shortbread to name a few of the items to taste.  Members will be sharing the recipes in several of our upcoming newsletters so watch for these.  We had another successful drawing fund raiser.  Everyone left full and satisfied.  Thanks to everyone for participating.

We are looking forward to attending the Colorado Tartan Day activities on April 5th.

2013 Colorado Tartan Day Fund Raiser Tea, February 17.

On a bright, sunny Sunday afternoon what lady doesn’t enjoy some tasty scones, tea sandwiches, high tea and Scotch being served by kilted Scottish men?  I for one really enjoy this delightful fund raiser.  The Colorado Tartan Day committee offers this event annually.  The tables are set in a traditional high tea style with beautiful flowers and tiers of handmade scones, sandwiches, clotted cream, lemon curd, a variety of chocolates to taste.  The kilted gentlemen are our servers making sure the plates, water pots, and premium scotch is available throughout the afternoon.  And it is truly fun to tip these gentlemen even if the ladies are asked to not go too far above the knees.  This year’s winner made exactly $100 in tips for his exceptional service.

This year’s fund raiser included drawings of a book basket, a Scottish cookie basket, a jewelry basket and a cross stitch frame that included the option of a Clan crest being added.  Clan Donnachaidh members seemed to be on a roll for winning drawing.  Both attendees won a basket.  We were also entertained by members of the dance studio and the Colorado Youth Pipe Band.  The pipe band is preparing for their performance at the Championships in Scotland in July.  The tea was also a way to support their attendance by raising funds to help provide new sporrans for each member and help with travel costs.

This tea is a pre-event for the upcoming Colorado Tartan Day Saturday – April 6th, 2013 in Olde Town Arvada, 9 am – 4 pm at McIlvoy Park (Admission is Free).  For more information about this event please go to the website:


2013 Robert Burns Dinner

This year on January 26, once again started with the Clan Donnachaidh Society of the Rocky Mountains’ Annual Robert Burns Dinner celebration.  Tartan clad members and guests dined on haggis and a full buffet at the Ramada Inn Plaza North. Rich Matthews, President, lead the evenings events which included Dennis Smith our Piper, David Arnold served as our Toastmaster and a historical tribute to the Infamous Bard was given by David Robertson.

Our donation tables were filled with a variety of items from Celtic blankets, glass etched candle holders and decanters, framed watercolor print and photos of Scotland, cookbooks, sheep figurines to beautiful hand crafted silver bracelets.  Our featured artisans included Donnachaidh Gear; Michale Duncan, Pictish Raven; and E.L. Waggoner author of “Tiger’s Eye” and The Commoners provided lively music selections for dancing.  The infamous “Kilt Swing Line” had the dance floor full and brought out the cameras and iPhone for pictures and there were three First Prize winners.

The Ceilidh After party had members and guests sharing laughs, stories, fun and a selection of Scotch.  The band members joined us and shared additional music selections.  It was an evening filled with friendship, fun and merriment.  Sláinté.


2012 Annual Yule Party and Food Drive, December 1

Saturday, December 1st was an unusually warm night for having a Rocky Mountain holiday season party but it was perfect for our event.  Charlene Sullivan was our delightful hostess and her home was filled with all types of holiday decorations including kilted Santa’s and nutcrackers, snowmen, Scottish & Irish dancing figurines, and brightly lit trees.   Members and friends filled the house with good food, good drink and cheerful conversation.  We had only one lad wearing a kilt.  Gentleman, what was up with that???  There were, however, plenty of tartan sashes from the lovely ladies.

A variety of non-perishable food items were collected for the Rocky Mountain Food Bank and a variety of items were available for our donation fund raiser.  Many people made their reservation for our Robert Burns Dinner coming in January and paid their 2013 dues.  We shared a congratulations toast to Shelly and Dave Arnold who were celebrating 43 years of marriage.  It was a really nice gathering to celebrate the holiday season.

Here is wishing everyone a warm, cozy and joyful holiday season from Clan Donnachaidh Society of the Rocky Mountains.  See you next year.

2012 Premium Scotch Tasting Event, October 20.

The Clan Donnachaidh Society Scotch tasting event and gathering was held on October 20.  Our presenters, Dennis Smith and Dave Arnold taught us some new things about tasting and about the 3 premium selections.  What did we learn?  Did you know there is another way to “nose” in addition to the traditional another way?  We learned to find the “notes” of the scotch before tasting by taking a drop or two of the scotch, place them in your hands and rub your hands together,   cup your hands to smell.  You will find that the alcohol dissipates just enough to release the notes such as vanilla, caramel, citrus, floral, oak, sherry, etc.   Give it a try. Another new thing is instead of the tradition Glen cairn glasses try the tulip flared shape sipping glasses.  It shares the “bouquet” over a wider area rather than intensifies the nosing processes.  It is a subtle but effective difference.

Our selections this year were Longmorn 12 and BenRiach Tawny Port 15 both from the Speyside region and Clynelish 14 from the Highlands region.  We all found a favorite.

The drawing items included the bottles of Scotch, really cool skull head opener, basket of harvest goodies, and a Celtic knot glass flask/bottle.  There was a potluck following with as always tasty food and great fun conversation.  It is always great when people support the Clan Donnachiadh Society of the Rocky Mountains whether it’s paying the event fee and attending, participating in the drawings and/or just coming to the event to gather together with other clan members.

If you missed the tasting event please be sure to attend the Annual Yule Party on December 1st.  Check out the newsletter for the details or contact us at

2012 Long’s Peak Scottish Irish Festival and Highland Games

September 7-9, 2012 was a mix of good Colorado mountains weather, rain and light winds changed to crisp, sunshine and blue skies.  Some of the weekend included shopping, catching some events like the Belhaven Scottish Ale tasting, and a variety of competitions.  Saturday was a crisp, sunny beautiful morning which was perfect for our parade down Main St.  Everyone was dressed in their finest Celtic tartans.  We have a new banner we used along with our standards.  This year again we were joined by members from Texas, Indiana and Wisconsin. The crowds along the route were somewhat awake but the children really perked up when our youth tossed pieces of a candy; when the gents twirled their kilts or when we waved.  Ladies in the crowd liked the lifted kilts, oh my!  We march in the opening ceremony, in the evenings there were pot lucks, tattoos to attend and some represented our branch at the Calling of the Clans.

The days were filled with our Clan picture being taken, meeting new members catching up with those many friends we haven’t seen for a while.  Visiting the other Clans for a “wee dram” of Scotch was also a favorite activity.  After closing the booth and packing up it was a race to the televisions to watch the first Bronco game of the season.  All in all it was a busy, fun and enjoyable weekend filled with bagpipes, drums, singing, dancing, jousting, tattoos and a variety of great events in Colorado.  If you missed it this year remember there is always next year

Our next event is the Premium Scotch Tasting, Oct. 20 so check out the reservation form and come join us.

2012 Colorado Scottish Festival, Highlands Ranch, CO

August 4 & 5 in Highlands Ranch, CO had Clan Donnachaidh Society participating at the Colorado Scottish Festival.  On Saturday the weather gave us a break with nice cool breezes and cooler temperatures for most of the day but the heat returned on Sunday.  The booth was busy both days with many visitors stopping by for information, passport stamping, buying some items and for true Scottish shortbread.

This year, Kaylee Hampton, granddaughter of Sandy & the late Dick Hall competed in the Scottish Dance Competition for the very first time. Kaylee competed in the following 3 dances and placed 2nd in the “16 Pas de Basque”; placed 3rd in “Pas de Basque with Highcuts”; and placed 2nd in the “4 Step Fling”. Proud mom, Cheryl Hampton also looked on and beamed with pride. Congratulation Kaylee, for a job well done!

Also, welcome to our many new members.  We look forward to seeing you again soon.  Thanks to all the booth volunteers.  Volunteers are needed at our next event is Long’s Peak Scottish Irish Highland Games, Estes Park, Colorado the second weekend in September.  Let us know if you are interested in helping.

See everyone in Estes Park!

2012 Elizabeth Celtic Festival, Elizabeth, Colorado

To those lost and surviving the tragedy in Aurora:  We will remember and celebrate your lives.

On a hot, breezy weekend of July 21 & 22, the Clan Donnachaidh Society of the Rocky Mountains set up our booth and participated in the 20th Annual Elizabeth Celtic Festival, at Casey Jones Park, Elizabeth, Colorado.  There were kilted athletes for the highland games to watch and cheer on; the bagpipes played and competitions to hear; there was the Welsh Society dancers to see; several musical groups to hear; and a variety of vendors to purchase treats and wears from.  Thanks to all our volunteers for helping set up, stamping passports, the handing out of beaded necklaces and shortbread making us popular with the youth, answering questions, sharing information, and sharing the Water of Life.  And, of course, do not forget the Bonnie Knees competition which was not to be missed with two clan members serving as judges and two members competing.   It was a way to celebrate and share our ancestry with fellow Celtics and visitors.  A fun time was enjoyed by all attending.


2012 Colorado Renaissance Festival Opening Weekend.

It was a crisp, cool morning on Sunday, June 10th, when several of the Clan Donnachaidh set out to attend the Colorado Renaissance Festival in Larkspur, Colorado.  At the front gate about 15 of us dressed in costume gathered to hear the opening canon shot and hustle through the gate for a day of fun.  At the front gate the Renaissance Royalty, musicians played and the guides invited us to come inside and share a step back in time.  There were the parades and even a wedding procession to see at the chapel.  It was fun to see old friends that are performers and artisans at the Festival.   We watched many of the performances at the different stages like sword swallowers, jousters, jugglers, Washing Well Wenches, Pandora Celtica and watching the Big Cats to learn more about these wonderful creatures.  We had to say a big hello to Celtic Legacy, once again dance and clap to their pipes and drums and by their new CD.  Yes, there was some shopping done by each and everyone done for boots, jewelry, hats, garden statues and tasty food and drink. As usual a slight overcast sky and a wind arrived around 3 p.m. like clockwork.  This year, luckily, there was no rain or hail so we didn’t have to run for cover.  If you missed this weekend no worries as there are several more weekends through the summer with closing weekend being July 28 & 29th.

2012 Annual Picnic/Ice Cream Social and Annual General Meeting

On Sunday, June 3, 2012 the Clan gathered at our President Rich Matthews’ home to have our Annual Picnic and Ice Cream Social.  This year the sun was shining and there were no storms as in years past.  About 20 of us munched on chicken, salads, and 6 different homemade ice cream selections: Guinness Chocolate Chip, Malt ball, Cherry Garcia, Margarita Sorbet, Strawberry Frozen Yogurt, Butter Pecan with several special toppings including a decadent hot fudge, caramel and double Scotched butterscotch.  Can you say YUM! Although they didn’t get many treats from the table our three special guests, Duncan, the Kieran; Duncan, the Scottish Deer Hound, and Liam, the Cocker Spaniel did get lots of love from us.

Around 3 p.m. we gathered inside to hear a program about Clan history presented by David Robertson.  We heard about the history of the lands in Scotland, how David traced his ancestry, our crest/badge and Clan History 101. We held our Annual General Meeting was held after our fund raiser.  We discussed financials, dues, up-coming events like a Premium Scotch Tasting fund raiser, attending the Colorado Renaissance Festival and the Elizabeth Celtic Games and our new website being launched.

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