The Clan Donnachaidh Society of the Rocky Mountains is proud of the many honors received by our members.  This section includes celebration and recognition of received by the Clan at festival/games, competitions, and recognition of Clan members for their service to the Society of the Rocky Mountains and our Armed Services.

At many of the festivals and games the clans attending receive recognition for the their participation in parades, booth, ability to connect with other clans, provide direction to visitors searching information, holding annual meeting for members, participating in piping, dancing, and a variety of competitions.  The following are Clan Donnachaidh Society of the Rocky Mountain’s recognition for our participation.


Congratulations to Clan Donnachaidh Society of Rocky Mountains member Jim Stark and the Team Bullseye for their win sailing at 2015 Etchells Rocky Mountain Championships.  This fabulous win earns them a place at Worlds in England.  They also won the 2015 Dillion Open!! Great sailing gents!! Scott SnyderKevin Holliday and Jim Stark.  Scott Snyder .Photo credits Daria Snyder

TeamBullseyeScotSnyderKevinHolidayJimStark Scott Jim Kevin

2015 Elizabeth Celtic Festival

This year Clan Donnachaidh did not have a booth at the Elizabeth Celtic Festival.  HOWEVER Clan Donnachaidh was represented by Alexander Sandridge.  Alex is a proud member of the Colorado Youth Pipe Band.  He participated in the piping competition.  He won all of his competitions so we congratulate him for a job well done!

Alexpiping1 Alexpiping3

Clan Donnachaidh Wins the Long’s Peak Scottish Irish Festival 2014 Field Award!

2014 Long’s Peak Scottish Irish Games and Festival was as always a huge event.  Members and friends attended from Colorado, Georgia, Texas, Nebraska and Wyoming.  It was great to see everyone.  Our booth was in a different area but everyone found us.  We were busy all weekend celebrating our ancestry.  The parade was one of the largest which was great for Estes Park.  It was also great to see that Estes Park is recovering from floods and is ready to start the 100 year celebration of Rocky Mountain National Park.  ??????????LPbooth1


Field Awards:  These awards are for those clans providing creative, informative, welcoming booth presentations to visitors at the festival/games.

Long’s Peak Scottish-Irish Festival and Highland Games 2010 Field Award, Estes Park, CO

Colorado Scottish Festival and Highland Games, Field Award 2009, Highlands Ranch, CO

Long’s Peak Scottish-Irish Festival and Highland Games 2005 Field Award, Estes Park, CO


 Anniversary cake

Fun Awards: Colorado Sheep Game, First Place 2011, Long’s Peak Scottish-Irish Festival and Highland Games, Estes Park, CO


 Honorary Lifetime Members of Clan Donnachaidh Society of the Rocky Mountains 

The officers and council on occasion choose to honor or recognize the continuous support and involvement by it’s members.   This involvement is through their volunteering for years at the games, serving as officers and/or council member.  The following individuals have been recognized as our Honorary Lifetime member and they receive a Certificate of Recognition and the RMS takes care of their local dues.

Curtis Roberts is one of the initial members serving as President.  Although Curtis’ health keeps him from attend functions as much as he would like he stays connected through several members, he receive our newsletters and often sends us information about other branches activities.

Donald Robertson was one of the initial members serving as Secretary/Treasurer.  Donald was also the “go to” clan member for history of the Clan Donnachaidh both Scottish history and the Rocky Mountain Society.  He often shared his knowledge with everyone at the games and enjoyed sharing his Gaelic translations as well.

Col. Robert “Bob” Robertson also one of the initial founding members and served as President.  Bob has remained an important resource and mentor to all of our officers and members giving us guidance for effective decision making, clan history and international understanding. He and his lovely wife Sylvia continue to attend and participate in many of our events and activities.


Military Appreciation

Clan Donnachaidh Society of the Rocky Mountains wishes to honor and thank those members and friends that have served or are currently serving in our Armed Services.


CPL Alan Ward, a Clan Donnachaidh member is proudly serving with the U.S. Marines and served in Afghanistan.  If you would like to send him a card or letter of appreciation his address is: