Special Projects

Special Projects:

Our Special Projects section identifies those current projects that are of interest to our members.  We try to support these projects in a variety of ways including making donations, attending events or activities and share information.

                          International DNA Project:

Undoubtedly the most important project created during the past few years is the
Clan Donnachaidh DNA Surname Project. Everyone at some time or another has
wondered about his or her origins, but until recently family history research relied
on oral tradition and written records, both usually in short supply. Now, however,
the new and rapidly expanding science of genetic genealogy has created an explosion
of Mitochondrial and Y-DNA testing. The Clan Donnachaidh DNA project, administered by Family Tree DNA of Houston, Texas, presently numbers more than 400 participants, and many have identified other participants with whom they share a Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA). The program includes an estimate, based on test results, of how many generations ago the MRCA probably lived.


The DNA project was set up in 2002 to cover the names associated with the clan. It currently has 606 members representing the most numerous clan surnames – Robertson, Reid and Duncan – with some associated surnames, including Donnachie, Inches, McRobbie, Roy and Stark. The project has been established with Family Tree DNA of Texas, one of the leading companies in the field of genetic testing.


  • determine which ancestral lines are related
  • help participants to confirm family trees
  • help participants to obtain clues to help in research, such as clues about migration, and use them to search for paper records.
  • discover more about the adoption of surnames in clan history
  • determine the number of points of origin of the surnames.

    Group Administrators of the Clan Donnachaidh DNA Program are Stephanie Robertson,   a member of the Society Council, and Tim Duncan of the Southern California Clan Donnachaidh Branch.  For details please go to the International Clan Donnachaidh website link


The Clan Donnachaidh Youth Project

As of 1 January, 2011, Youth Membership certificates have been mailed to the sponsoring parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles of Clan Donnachaidh’s first 611 Youth Members. Under this program, all children who have been sponsored are eligible for membership without charge until the age of 21 and will receive a beautiful 8 1/2 “by 11″ Youth Certificate (see above) suitable for framing.

This program is for boys and girls under the age of 21.

It is anticipated that the program will give each Youth Member an appreciation of not only Clan Donnachaidh, but also the important role Scotland has played in shaping the world as we know it today. Our hope is that, with an early knowledge of and pride in their highland heritage, they will return to the Society later in life as family and fortunes permit.

In the meantime, please visit our International website and read the Stories and History sections and for the details of the program.


 Colorado Youth Pipe Band    

Congratulation to the Colorado Youth Pipe Band for being invited to participate in the 2013 World Pipe Band Championships in August of 2013 in Scotland.

We know that you have seen them perform many times throughout the Celtic Community in Colorado.  Attending all the Celtic Festivals in Colorado and performing on St. Patrick’s Day at various local establishments.  They have also performed at many charity functions including: The Green Tie Gala, St. Baldrick’s Foundation – Head Shaving Events, and The Running of the Green.  It is their mission to keep these ancient instruments and dance alive while also supporting our community.

They  are a 501 (C) (3) nonprofit organization and the only youth band in the Rocky Mountain Region.  Their instructors teach children how  to play bagpipes, drums, and the art of Highland Dancing.

We have youth clan members that are members of this great group as well as organizers that are adults supporting the band.  Of course, as you can imagine, the expense will be great.  Any support might be able to give throughout this year will be greatly appreciated.  Individual donations will be welcomed as well as at the games this summer you will see a donation jar at our booth.  Your generous donation will further our mision in the following ways:

  • New instruments and maintenance
  • New uniforms for performances and parades
  • The CYPB trip to Scotland
  • The ability to travel outside of Colorado for festivals, performaces, and competitions
  • Promotional ads
  • Scholarship opportunities for underprivileged children

Cathy Chavez (a member) is the Event Coordinator.  She may be reached at 720-949-3877 or by emailing a cathyjchavez@yahoo.com.  If you have any questions about our organization.  Also checkout their website www.CYPB.org